Services offered by us:

# Image Management:
Carving distinct identity for companies, institutions & individuals by communicating the right messages at the right time through the right media mix to create, sustain & enhance the desired image among the target publics.

# Brand Management:
- New Brand / Product Launches
- Building Brand Equity
- Strengthening Brand Equity
- Communicating brand values & brand salience

# Crisis Management:
- Pre-emptive measures
- Damage control measures
- Post crisis planning

# Public Affairs:
Lobbying with the Government, Influencers, Pressure Groups & Decision Makers

# Celebrity Management:
- Projecting the right image
- Identifying communication platforms
- Conceptualizing themes and messages

# Financial Public Relations:
- Investor Communications
- Road-shows
- Financial Results

# Community Relations:
To be perceived as a good corporate citizen by highlighting the philanthropic side of an organization / individual
Environmental public relations